Saturday, February 25, 2006

Knitting Looms Olympics finish line!

I'm done! YAY! I was beginning to hate the backpack (purse/bag) because of the problems I had in starting it. But I'm pleased with the finished results and will be using it since I always carry a small backpack as a purse!

The primary lesson I learned in this challenge is that just because a felted swatch gives you one guage doesn't mean that will be the same guage on the finished project. In this case, the bag is slightly longer then it should be according to the guage from the swatch. There seems to be so many factors with felting that I think there will be a LOT of guess work.

There were a couple of firsts for me in making this backpack (purse pack?). This was the first time adding lining and sewing a zipper to knitting (I do not like sewing!)

My other project for the Knitting Looms Olympics was a felted hat design. I love it!

Here's the hat before and after felting...

Thanks to Isela and the other loom knitters for the fun!

Michaels Warm Up America

In checking my calendar, I realized that tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 26th) is Warm Up America in all Michaels Arts and Crafts stores. If anyone in the Antelope Valley area of California wants to participate, I'll be at the Lancaster store from 1 to 4 joining squares. Come by the store, sit and chat awhile, and help with a worthy cause! Hope to see you there

Note: Loom knitting olympic update coming later today (I have to recharge batteries for pictures!)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Winter finally came

Winter finally came to the foothills between Los Angeles and Antelope Valley. The view from my front yard is of Mt Emma which got a dusting of snow. So yesterday's frogging of the latest "this isn't working" project didn't seem so bad. And that, my dears, is why there aren't any knitting pictures! Why take pictures of unknitted yarn!! Enjoy my view...I know I do.

Friday, February 17, 2006

New Pattern - Slipper Socks

I finally got the editing done on the slipper socks pattern so that I could upload it online. The pattern includes technique for "wrap and turn" (or short rowing) and has contrast heel color. Be watchful of this blog for a pattern on FELTED house slippers.

To get this pattern (and others), you can go to my patterns site

And now...back to Loom Knitting Olympics!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Loom Knitting Olympics Day 5 - FROG!

Today, I proved math was not my main event (pun intended)! Bag had to be frogged.....all the way. Good thing my projected felting date is a week away. It's back to the "starting line" for the bag event. Oh it.

Loom Knitting Olympics Day 4

Day 4 (Monday) update
- I guess I'm not cut out for all day knitting...what a shock! I was in normal routine mode during the morning (homeschooling, planning dinner, straightening the house) "goof off" mode during the afternoon (catching up on email)...then hit the knitting stride in the evening. By the time I went to bed, I was seriously considering finding a short cut to the bag I wanted to make. Trouble is...the route I've taken doesn't lend itself to finding a shortcut. Ah, well.... Here's the progress so far

This olympian is forging ahead in hopes today I pick up speed. For updates on the other Loom Knitters during this spine tingling event, visit Loom Knitters Olympic Team

On a happier note, I received a suprise last week!

I can't wait to get started playing with the flower loom, and trying out the middle two sizes as I didn't get those in the previous shipment! This knitting muse did a happy dance when that package was opened!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Yep, another new blog

After finding out that my other blog site required you to register before posting, I decided to change blog spots. I'm in the process of "packing up" from the other site for the move. But at least I have my "lease" on Knitting Muse.

Here's to the ramblings of yet another knitter in cyberspace.