Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did you get one?

Opal Harry Potter sock yarn? I managed to catch the email from Allison at Simply Socks Yarn Co early enough to score a skein of color 2355-Harry. I know, I know...what's the big deal. But knitter's who are addicted to Harry Potter and knitting socks understand.

I wanted to buy more, but (confession) the release of the yarn came on the heels (pun intended) of unpacking sock yarn and swearing I wouldn't buy another skein until knitting what I have. Silly me. ;-P

A month after closing on the house and we're still settling in. With most of the unpacking completed, we're doing the mundane things...like registering cars, new drivers license, bank accounts, doctors, etc. I had forgotten how time consuming this kind of stuff can be.

Pictures? Oh yeah...where did I put that cable and the camera?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Making a new home, almost there

Good news! We have only about 50 book size boxes left to unpack! About half are actually books and will have to wait until we have bookshelves put into the den. We've contacted a contractor/carpenter/crafts person (whatever he's called) and will have a quote tomorrow. Hopefully it's not out of our budget as I'd love to have the books out.

The remaining boxes are supplies from my studio. Beads, clay, and (of course) yarn. I'm trying to put together the studio but no longer have my built-ins from the house in California. It's going to take a lot of creativity to store supplies. But I have found the sweater I was working on right before the move. So I'm knitting something other then dishcloths now. More about that later.

Speaking of budgets...We still need to have a storm shelter put in. That was my one requirement for a move to Oklahoma as I'm in the category of people that are frightened of tornadoes. Earthquake? Been there, done that. And while it's not fun, it's usually over with by the time your brain thinks "an earthquake." Tornadoes seem to go on forever. Luckily the local folks say we won't need it until May (THE season).

Nature is abundant in the little neighborhood we live in. As a matter of fact, woods border our backyard fence. I've spotted deer in a neighbor's yard and some type of hawk sitting on our fence. And this morning I woke up when I heard noises. At first I blamed it on the dogs. Nope, they were snoozing still. So I followed the sound to the office, which has 3 skylights. I looked up and there were 2 blackbirds - huge! - pecking at the skylights with a screw. Trying to get in? Who knows. Silly birds.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Making a new home, the beginning

No pictures yet. The cable to hook the digital camera to the computer is in one of about 400 boxes in the garage. However, we are managing to settle into our new home.

Movers delivered household goods on Thursday. We've managed to place the big furniture items, put beds together, and get the WiFi installed (my husband's priority).

Issues (aka "pains in behind") were abundant on Friday and Saturday. Can't find a waterbed heater and had to buy a new one. Dryer was busted and had to buy a new one. Loveseat has a huge oil stain and a broken leg. I shudder to think of what awaits me in the approximately 400 boxes...broken china? dang

On today's agenda? Must buy food. I have to find a grocery store other then Super Walmart. I hate buying food there...ugh. And hopefully get the kitchen in some working order.

Knitting? What knitting?