Monday, August 28, 2006

Project meters

Here I sit at the computer....wondering what to make for dinner now that the remodelling of the kitchen cabinets is finished ... and wondering when the latest rejection letter word on my latest bead pattern submission will show up. So here's a little post for you on those blog project meters. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.

I had thought about putting these on this blog. But to be perfectly honest,
I don't want you to know how many projects I have going!
it's just too much blog work!

But if you're interested in them, here's a link you can get code from.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random Countdown Meme

This is my first meme (I didn’t know what meme’s were until recently!) I got this one from Janet….who got it from Deb…..who got it Crazy Aunt Purl. You can get it from me if you want.

TEN random things you might not know about me:
1. I’m the baby of 3 children (all girls)
2. I’m addicted to Lost (television show)
3. My favorite color is green
4. I love the Harry Potter series (eagerly awaiting next and final book in series)
5. I am a certified scuba diver
6. I’m horribly disorganized! I attempt to be organized with do-to lists but I usually loose the list
7. I still own a record player and play vinyl records (I’m so retro)
8. My father was a musician and played with Jim Reeves
9. I’m an insecure person but hide it well behind a mask of confidence. In private, I rage a war with a little voice inside that says “…but is it good enough…" or "why bother, you’ll probably fail anyway…” I hate that little voice.
10. I have a horrendous singing voice but have an innate sense of rhythm (I wanted to be a dancer when I was younger). So don't ask me to sing...ask me to dance! ;-)

NINE places I've visited:
1. Philippines (I met my hubby at Clark Air Base…and we’re both originally from Dallas, Texas area. Go figure.)
2. Wall, South Dakota (famous Wall Drug Store)
3. Hong Kong (before ownership returned to China) Picture of MacDonald's in Hong Kong - that fast food joint is everywhere!!

4. Japan
5. Jamaica (discovered Jamaican blue mountain coffee!) Picture of me shopping at open market.

6. Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota (I think it’s more worth the time then Mount Rushmore)
7. Carmel, California (love the art galleries!)
8. Orlando, Florida to watch Jai Alai games
9. Hawaii (we were married in Hawaii)

EIGHT ways to win my heart:
1. Ask about my daughter
2. Understand when I don’t keep in touch
3. Have understanding and compassion for disabled people
4. Volunteer at an animal shelter
5. Encourage me
6. Ask about my daughter some more….definitely the way to my heart
7. Send chocolate
8. Comment when you visit my blog (does anyone really read my ramblings??)

SEVEN things I want to do before I die:
1. Use all yarn in my yarn stash
2. Use all beads in my bead stash
3. Have my own room dedicated to my crafts so that projects can lay about without being in the way
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Wine tasting at all the vineyards in Napa Valley
6. Afford to buy a house (cottage will do) with ocean view – on the central California coast (Morro Bay would be closest to my favorite vineyard)
7. Fulfill my secret dream…’s a secret and I’m not telling

SIX things I'm afraid of:
1. Bees (stung too often as a kid)
2. Roller coasters with too many loops
3. Snakes – all colors and sizes
4. Insects with a-kazillion legs
5. Falling from great heights (no sky diving for me!)
6. Tornados (been in one – will take earthquake anytime!)

FIVE things I don't like:
1. People who think they know everything
2. Southern California traffic
3. Walmart
4. Liver

FOUR ways to turn me off:
1. Tell me my “OPINION” is wrong – it’s MY opinion and I’m entitled to have one even if it disagrees with yours (I hope my middle sister is reading this!!!!)
2. Speak or act before you think
3. Make assumptions about a person based on the way they look
4. Copy my designs

THREE things I do every day:
1. Walk the dogs
2. Read
3. Daydream

TWO things that make me happy:
1. My family
2. Creative successes

ONE thing on my mind right now:
1. The remodeling of my kitchen cabinets....going on right DH and friend. It'll be great when it's finished, but it's mighty messy right now!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Sorry there's no knitting update. I'm still not ready for "show and tell" of new loom knitting projects.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Good Yarn

Nice birthday filled with love and chocolate cake (yum).

I love to read, as evidenced by the bookshelves throughout our house. In addition to the chocolate cake (and pizza for dinner) hubby brought me a book for birthday. It's titled The Shop On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. He's about a yarn shop called A Good Yarn. That got my interest.

I hadn't read anything by this author before but a book that includes knitting did sound intriguing. I read a couple of chapters last night. It's actually pretty good!

Did you read it? Are there any knitting patterns??

P.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

...49 doesn't hurt at all

Your Birthdate: August 17

You tend to find yourself lucky - both in business and in life.
And while being wealthy is nice, you enjoy sharing your abundance with others.
You put your luck to good use: you are very ambitious and goal oriented.
Often times, you get over excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your strength: Your ability to make your own luck

Your weakness: Thinking you can do it all

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Half Moon

Your power month: August

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This was the view from my bedroom window yesterday afternoon. My first thought..."what huge dogs! Wait. Not dogs?!!" A herd of goats? Roaming the Southern California desert? No idea where these guys came from.

I know I haven't posted much about knitting lately. I have nothing on my needles 'cause I'm loomin'. Yep, loom knitting has taken over again. I've been working on new (successful!) patterns but have nothing I want to show yet. Sorry!

And speaking of knitting, Knitty Gritty is looking for new show ideas. If you have ideas (needle or loom knitting), you can make a suggestion to Vickie Howell here

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time for a laugh

Remember the saying "up a sh!t creek without a paddle?" Well, that problem seems to be solved.

Back to loom knitting my new designs. ;-)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Taking a break

My hands need a break from.....

It may look like a mess....but it's not ;-)

And my brain needs a break from.....

So I'm......

(and blogging...)

and my trusty companion is meeting a lizard (who is safely on the outside of the window).

How did your day go?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In the news

Blogger isn't able to upload pictures right now. So instead of knitting (needle or loom) tidbits, you get to read a piece of news. No, not about the insane price of oil.

A floating bed has been invented. It seems that suspending it from the ceiling with cables is necessary so that the bed won't float around the room. Good idea as you would have to hunt for the bed after returning from the bathroom in the middle of the night. But even if I could afford the $1.54 million price tag, it's not for California living. Can you imagine the roller coaster ride during an earthquake?

The picture and story is on yahoo here.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Back to teaching and Sock Wars!

Sunday is the first classes I've taught since June. I feel a little out of practice but it shouldn't take too long to get back into the "explaining" mode.

August Knifty Knitter project class will be a fingerless mitt. This one is done on the round loom (not the newer oval loom) since I haven't seen the new looms available at Michaels yet. I'm wondering what's with that!

Also I'm teaching a stretch magic class. This is a huge thing for me as I tend to be a snob when it comes to beading thread. Stretch magic has been used for making bracelets without clasps - the stringing method, ya know. And I'm a I stuck my nose in the air and stated "not for me." I was wrong. It does works for some beadweaving projects.

And here's a peek at a future Knifty Knitter class.


Like some knitters, I'm addicted to knitting socks. Yeah, yeah....I know I can get them already made for cheaper then the price as yarn. Yet I'm addicted like many other knitters.

One of the groups I belong to has mentioned Sock Wars 2006. Since it sounds like fun, I wanted to mention it here! Check it out.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


A jewelry designer needs to remember that glass beads (even seeds) can weigh alot when woven into a design. I didn't think about that until trying this earring on...OUCH! Very uncomfortable to wear! And I didn't even put the focal bead in the center yet! (sigh) So let my mistake be your I take this one apart and downsize it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What should I blog about?

I'm taking a break from beading to update the blog. And I can't decide what to blog about.

Perhaps you'd like to see what I'm beading? Hoop earrings seem to be "in" again.

Or would you like to hear that I finished the needle knitted slip-stitch scarf. I started the matching hat on the loom, but haven't gotten far with it (so many ideas, not enough time)

Or you might like to know that your local library is a great resource for knitting books you want to buy....but can't afford right now because you "need" to spend money on beads and yarn first! "Knitting Over the Edge" by Nicky Epstein has some great edgings - and I'm working on a new design.

Or perhaps you're thinking of food (I am - I missed lunch because I was too caught up in beading). Sam's Club carries the greatest crab cakes! Yummy!! But not for lunch (darn it).

Off to grab a sandwich!