Thursday, May 31, 2007

I did it!

I finally overcame my loathing of DPNs. I tried them about 20 years ago when I was still a novice knitter. They felt awkward and the stitches were sloppy (that much I remember). And since I had little patience, I gave them up quickly.

Luckily I found two circular needles easy for making socks. And I can even convert most patterns from dpn's to circulars. But really - I teach knitting and should have no fear. So I decided it was time for me to give DPNs another try.

It took a couple of false starts before I realized the root of my problem...casting on to 3 or 4 needles! I can't do it and get nice even stitches. My solution? Cast on to one of the needles, then slip the cast on stitches to the other needles. Dang. How simple. Am I the last to know this?! sigh.

You saw the finished results in this post (scroll down a bit). I didn't mention that the dishcloth was made on dpns just in case it was blind luck the first time. But look at this!!!

Socks on DPNs! Yippee skippee!

OK, I had to celebrate. I headed to the Yarn store while in Durango, Colorado and bought myself some Lorna's Laces and Rosewood DPNs.

The yarn is gorgeous! And aren't these needles BEEEE-utiful!??!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Colorful Colorado

We left Texas on Saturday and decided to spend a couple of days in Durango, CO before heading home. This area is beautiful. And there is a yarn shop which is calling to me (if time allows). We want to take the train ride to Silverton and hubby wants to do some more metal detecting (his hobby).

I didn't get a large amount of knitting done while in Texas. There was so much to say to my Mother, older sister, and neice that I lost my voice in a period of 4 days hehe. But I did get the socks finished for SWTC and mailed them while in Henderson.

This picture shows the color more accurately then the previous picture. I love it - it says "spring time" to me.

On the drive to Colorado, I loom knitted a dishcloth. But I'm not entirely happy with the finished design and need to change it a bit. That's for later, however, since I'm going through needle withdrawal (socks! YAY!)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Howdy ya'll

Well, we made it. We're in Dallas. The drive here was really smooth....lovely weather. We pulled into our RV spot earlier this afternoon and spent some time "housekeeping" and settling in. A's job was to vacuum.

Most of this week will be spent visiting hubby's family and friends before heading to Henderson area (my hometown).

I have some FO to show! Round face cloth (knitted)

Pearl bangle bracelet (bead crochet)

And I'm ready to turn the heel on these models for SWTC knitted with one of the new colors of TOFUtsies

I love this color!

Since hubby prefers to do the driving during these road trips (and I'm just fine with that), I get plenty of time to knit, crochet, and/or read. Lucky me!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

36 hours....

...and we're off to Texas to visit family. We're travelling in our motorhome which is a really relaxing way to travel.

Do you still call the place you were born "home"? Recently I realized that I do that from time to time. I wondered why since I haven't lived there since I was 18. Since I will be 50 this year, it's been a very long time! I guess it's because Mom is there. We'll be there for her 84th birthday, get to see old friends as well as family, have BBQ at Bob's, and catfish at the Duck Inn.

FO news! I've been loom knitting over the past week. One of the projects is a loofa soap bag. The e-wrap knit (twisted knit stitch) gives the cotton yarn just enough "roughness" that it really feels like a loofa.

I'm so ready for summer. So I did these flip flop toppers on the loom.

Both are scheduled classes at Michaels in June. If you can't make the class, check back for patterns. They'll be on my website as soon I get pictures added to the patterns.

Notice that they're quick and easy projects? The majority of my time recently has been spent test knitting cardigans for Knit Picks. The zippered cardigan is now on their website (go peek!) It's an easy pattern and the yarn is nice to work with.

We should have access to the web during the trip, so check back for patterns. CYA on the road!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy 25th Anniversary!

We met in the Philippines although we were both born and raised in East Texas. I was in the U.S. Air Force

and he was on a field assignment from his company (civilian!)

We dated...

fell in love, and were married in Hawaii on May 6th, 1982.

A few more pictures....

While the road to wedded bliss hasn't always been easy, and life hasn't been exactly what we really has been better then we ever dreamed.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lost spoilers

Wesnesday means it's Lost nite! We're addicted and admit it. Hubby is always sending links for me to read. Here is a link for you to check out Lost Spoilers if you're interested.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monday, monday

Yesterday (Monday) was a rare day at home with my daughter recovering from oral surgery to remove all 4 wisdom teeth. While she dozed and watched a movie, I spent my time catching up on paperwork.

Ugh...I always let it pile up. And I always swear that the next time, I won't wait...I'll get the class sign up sheets, supply lists, and patterns ready as I decide on what classes I'm teaching; that I'll type the pattern as I'm working on the new design instead of scribbling it on paper; that I'll balance the checkbook as soon as the bank statement comes in...etc., etc., etc.

But my reality is this.....

....when I'd rather be doing this....