Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Loom Knitting Olympics Day 4

Day 4 (Monday) update
- I guess I'm not cut out for all day knitting...what a shock! I was in normal routine mode during the morning (homeschooling, planning dinner, straightening the house)....in "goof off" mode during the afternoon (catching up on email)...then hit the knitting stride in the evening. By the time I went to bed, I was seriously considering finding a short cut to the bag I wanted to make. Trouble is...the route I've taken doesn't lend itself to finding a shortcut. Ah, well.... Here's the progress so far

This olympian is forging ahead in hopes today I pick up speed. For updates on the other Loom Knitters during this spine tingling event, visit Loom Knitters Olympic Team

On a happier note, I received a suprise last week!

I can't wait to get started playing with the flower loom, and trying out the middle two sizes as I didn't get those in the previous shipment! This knitting muse did a happy dance when that package was opened!


KYU said...

Just wondering, where did you find the new set of looms? I thought they were going to be release this new item next month. Is it as good as it looks?

I'm a fellow knitting loom Olympian. - Queennie

Kathy N said...

Hi Queenie,

Provo sent them to designers to preview. I'm the designer of Loopy Boa on their web site. I'm enjoying using them - to see what yarns work with what stitches. I've heard that the looms are to be on sale in March - so be sure to look for them!

KYU said...

Wow! I admire people who design, especially of something within my interest. I will check the Loopy Boa on their website. Although we never met face to face, the thought that I know that you design...... an honor. And thanks for the info. I have learned that designers do get them early, I just thought maybe thay have released it sooner. Thanks!

Kathy N said...


Thank you so much for the kind word. I think designers are the people who could never color within the lines as a child and who cannot follow a pattern without "improving" on it. ;-)

The link to Provo Craft KK patterns is to the side on my blog. Have fun!

falwyn said...

I just got a set of round KK looms... I'm excited to try them out. I followed you here from your old blog (I like the new layout, etc, much better). I'm looking forward to exploring some more... : )

Kathy N said...

Welcome! I think this blog is better also. And I'm glad my trail of bread crumbs led you here! LOL

You'll love the looms once you get past the vague instructions of using them. Let me know if you need more info!