Saturday, January 30, 2010


1. Ice storm moved in on Thursday.

2. Snowed all day Friday.

3. I'm sick today.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The ice storm cometh

January is ending on an icy note. After living in Southern California for so many years, I'm having a difficult time getting use to having "weather"...

I had a grocery store list to shop for yesterday. Normal big deal, right? Wrong. My first clue should have been when I had a difficult time finding a parking space. But it didn't hit me what was going on until I couldn't find a grocery cart. Everyone was getting ready for today's ice storm. Must be serious.

Well they must have lived here longer then I they probably know what they are doing! OK, I stocked up on bottled water as we are on a well....if electricity goes out, so does water for us. And firewood is stacked by the fireplace to keep it dry...for it to keep us warm. Plus we have plenty of batteries for flashlights. I should be ready. ;)

Family members have had numerous doctor appointments this month. Plus daughter is starting vision therapy. That means I've spent most of my days driving from one appointment to the next for most of January. Subsequently there hasn't been much time for knitting, and even less to update the blog about knitting. And this is primarily a knitting blog, right? Hopefully next time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Round Tuit's

The month of January is always busy...every year. I use to wonder why that was. Then I realized it's because I put things off starting in late November until after the new year. I am happily immersed in holiday happenings and do not want to be bothered with mundane issues like doctor appointments, phone calls, insurance, etc. Then in January - I get "round tuit"

and become a functioning adult again. It is nice to be able to mark off the "to-do" list instead of add to it.

One of my "round tuit's" was to decide on a pattern for this yarn

that I mentioned in October. After looking through a few patterns that this yarn would work for, I decided on Slinky Ribs Pullover. And I have enough in my stash to do it in my size without cheating on my yarn diet! Funny thing - I knitted the sample for Knit Picks (seen in the link) and it's the same yarn and color that I have stashed. Seems like destiny to me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Confessions of a yarn-addict

My resolution to keep knitting from yarn stash was broken last night. I couldn't help was love at first sight. These cuties are a kit from Knit Picks

And the kit includes yarn for each fox.

Dang...tempted by big brown eyes, red hair, and the promise of a cuddle (haha)

Oh well. I mustn't let one slip up discourage me from this yarn diet but I really have to stop looking at every yarn catalog that shows up!

Friday, January 08, 2010

As the temperatures drop.... "to-do" list gets longer. That's the only problem with vacation, must-do's wait for you to return. And so I've spent this week taking down Christmas decorations and taking family members to various doctor appointments. But I did it (mostly) with a smile as I remember the last two weeks of 2009.

We started our vacation with family. A joyous Christmas with my Mother, sister and her family. Chatting, eating, and playing with toys....what a great Christmas!

From East Texas, we took the RV to San Antonio for a little fun. For the first time since our move to Oklahoma, the 3 of us had some fun!!

We went to seaworld...

took a boat ride on the San Antonio Riverwalk....

went to the Alamo (of course)...

and ate out every night. I had a chance to work on Shipwreck and get it to the point of adding beads as well as watch a little of Lost season 5 (a Christmas present) to get ready for Feb 2nd. ;D

I also started a pair of gloves for hubby. He told me he has never had a pair of gloves that fit right. Well, he will soon. I am designing this pattern specifically to fit his sausage fingers (his words).

At the end of two weeks, we came home to this....

...the remains of the Christmas Eve blizzard in OK City. It's now ice as the temperatures hover in the 20's during the day...and single digits at night. Cold and slippery.

But it's OK...I don't live in North Dakota were the temperatures have a minus sign in front of them. Nice positive note to end this post on as Elvis says he needs to go out.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dear 2010

Welcome....a little late but better late then....

I am so very happy to greet you! You came just when I thought 2009 would never leave (good riddance!)

I believe you have potential. You are young yet but I see huge things for you. Just stay away from fire(s) unless it's in the fireplace, and please keep the wet to a minimum (or at least keep it outside).

Here is to a continued "knit from stash" year!