Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Camisole pattern has typos

If you're trying the camisole pattern, watch for errors.

Last night, I cast on for the front and worked 2 rows. The count didn't work for me so I assumed I had made a mistake and frogged. This afternoon, I cast on again, and still the count didn't work! This time I studied the pattern. Bingo...there's a typo (hey, it can happen to anyone who writes patterns!)

Pattern for front reads (mistake in bold):
With RS facing, knit across 38 (41,44, 58, 54, 55, 60) sts, yo, ssk, K7, k2tog, yo, work across 38 (41,44, 48, 54, 55, 60) sts to end.

And should read
With RS facing, knit across 38 (41,44, 48, 54, 55, 60) sts, yo, ssk, K7, k2tog, yo, work across 38 (41,44, 48, 54, 55, 60) sts to end.

How'd I find it? Well, 58 plus 11 for eyelet pattern plus 48 does NOT equal 107 (the cast on for this size). When you look at the other sizes, the stitches knitted before the eyelet is equal to the stitches knitted after the eyelet...except on this size.

So, if you try the pattern and have problems, check to see if there's a typo before frogging.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rain and favorite knitting books

The good news about rain is it makes a knitting a lovely way to spend time. Yep, 24 hours of rain at the beach...we've played checkers, watched Harry Potter, took the dog for quick walks under the umbrella....and I've knitted while my daughter read to me.

I've gotten the back of the camisole top finished. I'll upload pictures when we're home. Hopefully, I'll be casting on the front tonight while we watch a little television.

I love books. And sometimes a particular book becomes a favorite of mine.

Nancie Wiseman's "The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques" has become one of those favorites. I put it in my knitting bag for this trip - just in case. And I'm glad I did.

In addition to describing a particular knitting technique, Ms Wiseman lists the benefits and drawbacks of each. I find it very helpful in deciding what to use, or how to fix a problem when a particular technique is used.

First I referred to the book to decide which cast on method to use for the camisole. When I have to cast on 100 plus stitches, I'm fearful of the long tail cast on and running out of yarn for the tail. I wanted to use the knitted cast on but have noticed "holes" in this cast on method. This book suggests a solution for this - and it worked! Then I looked up bind off methods just to be surprises there. It was nice to know the pluses and minuses of all methods before working it.

If you like to knit, this is a great book to have in your knitting bag!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Central Coast of California and a knitting confession

I love the central coast of California. These beaches abound with wildlife. Today we had lunch at Great American Fish Company and watched a couple of otters and a seal in the bay.

Knitting update - I cast on the stitches and started the knitting for my camisole during the drive from home to the coast. I didn't get knitting time Saturday but have managed a few more rows tonight (Sunday) before turning on the computer. While I remembered the digital camera, I forgot to bring the cable to hook it up to the computer. So all pictures of project will have to wait until I'm home. Sorry!

The other project I brought along for the week was tapestry crochet bag I really am enjoying this crochet technique!

Confession - I love looking at patterns to find the "next one" while I'm still working on a pattern. This camisole has me thinking of lace. So I did a search and found this delicious pattern! A snap, right!?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Socks, socks, sock! and Off to the beach!

January was sock month for me. Everyone in my family has handknitted (or loomed) socks now. And I can now color coordinate my loomed slipper socks with my PJ's - which is just silly!

So February, I tried to break the sock habit. And I experimented with felting - and guess what? Yep, slippers.

March blew in and I managed to completely break the sock and slipper habit. Projects that were started (then ignored) during the sock and slipper frenzy have been finished. I'm particularly pleased with my beret pattern. It was knitted on one of the new Knifty Knitter looms that are to be released.

We're off to the beach for spring break! Since I finished all but one of my loom projects, I'm rewarding myself by working on the camisole. I mentioned in a previous blog post. My swatch is done, the supplies are gathered and neatly packed next to the "co-pilot" chair of the motorhome. Tomorrow I cast on! Let's see how much I manage to do in the next 10 days!

And guess what? I'm not taking a loom! Gasp! I decided I needed to miss them awhile. ;-)

Monday, March 20, 2006

The joy of creating

Today was a day of straightening and organizing project space(s). It's not easy for me to do...I get distracted by all the notes, drawings, books that I've pulled out as ideas came. However, if the creative frenzy is to continue, I simply must whip the workspace back into shape....before the living room drowns in the overflow!

While digging through projects, I found this....

This is the only design I've done for cross stitch. I did it for my daughter who is an avid reader but enjoys an occasional Spongebob show. It's such a joy to create something just for someone you love!!

I wonder what other treasures I'll find in there?

Friday, March 17, 2006

C'mon designers...let's play "You might be a designer if...."

I've been thinking all day about a design I've worked on since December. Yep, that long. What's the problem you ask? Well, I haven't worked on it daily since then. Or even weekly. But it has been lurking in the depths of my brain for that long....with the thought that there must be a way to work this on the knitting loom. In between those thoughts (and drawings and yarn experimenting), I did other knitting (both needle and loom). And returned to designing beadwork (I'm a bead weaver...did you know?) ;-) And even started a tapestry crochet project. But this silly little idea wouldn't go away! The solution finally presented itself when I was showering this morning...(where the h@ll have you been!??)

Anyway, today I wondered if anyone else felt the complusion to hold on to a design idea for months. Or am I the only designer that holds onto an idea and beats her/his head against the yarn cabinet until the solution shakes loose?

That being said, let's play a game. You know the "You might be a redneck if..." jokes? Well, let's see what designers know about themselves.

(in the voice of Jeff Foxsworthy) You might be a designer if.... look at the picture of a knitted item (or beaded, or loomed) and think "oh, they did..."(fill in the blanks) get the pattern home and read the instructions and make notes of changes that would improve it! go to sleep thinking of the latest creation....

....and wake up the next morning right where you left off!'re working on the latest design only to have to rip it out because you came up with a better idea!'re working on the latest design, and have a drawing pad next to you for the new designs you're thinking of ;-)

OK, your turn!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Inspiration for finishing UFOs

I must, must, must start this needle knitting project as soon as I get a some UFOs finished.

Isn't it great? The camisole pattern was on a recent Knitty Gritty episode. I have a spool of black cotton yarn that I had purchased years ago and it would work nicely. So I'm setting a goal to start this pattern in the 1st week of April (if I can wait that long). Stayed tuned for progress!

Off to finish the bead contest entry this afternoon. And hopefully finish one of my loom knitting projects tonight. With 3 UFO on the looms, 1 needle knitting project, and 1 tapestry crochet project to go.....sigh.

hmmmm....I wonder what project I had planned to make that needed so much black cotton yarn?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Faux Hair Pin Lace Poncho Pattern

I finished translating my scribbles from NOVEMBER into a loom pattern for the "Faux Hair Pin Lace Poncho" I cannot believe how long I waited to get this one typed. I really need to make myself type as I'm knitting. Anyone know where I can get lessons on multi-tasking? ;-)

I consider this pattern an advanced pattern because the pattern has two new techniques plus you don't knit off all the pegs in each row. The instructions are detailed, however. So if you have some experience with the looms, feel free to give it a whirl and you can always email me for help!

You can get the pattern through the link above or through the link on the right side of the screen.

OK, it's break time (aka - knitting!)

Felted slipper pattern

I finished the pattern for my felted slippers. The pattern is written for adult and child size using the blue round Knifty Knitter. You can find the pattern on my web site for Knifty Knitter Patterns.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


A few months ago, I did this poncho on the loom. I wore it last Sunday to teach a class and managed to remember to get hubby to take a photo.

Bloom and grow

When life gets stressful for me, I tend to withdraw. So now you know why the blog hasn't been updated recently. Hubby had a minor medical problem, my 82 yo mother took a fall, and I caught a cold. Everyone is fine now. And I believe I'm back into the swing of it all.

I did managed to finish a needle knitting scarf that was started awhile back. I love the basketweave motif. I crocheted a ruffle around the finished scarf for contrast. The picture doesn't pick up the beauty of this yarn. It sparkles when the light hits it. Perfect for fall!

I have also been looming recently. I did a scarf for a project to teach at Michaels using ribbon and fun fur. Then I finished the felted slippers on the looms.

While this is a knitting blog, I have to add my beading thoughts to it. January wasn't a good month for beading (a huge disappointment during that time). But inspiration has returned and I'm working on a design to enter into a contest. Here's a sneak peak with the spark of inspiration censored until it's completed! When it's finished, I shall be asking for "votes" from you!

Bloom where you are planted