Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brother Odd

Oh no! Not another "non-knitting" and "non-beading" post!? Yep, sorry.

Today is one of the days DH and I love. The day that Dean Koontz releases a new book. This one is the latest Odd Thomas book, called Brother Odd. If you like to read fiction (thrillers that are a little on the strange side) and you haven't given his books a try, do. I started reading his books about 20 years ago, and haven't missed one since.

And, I believe it's my turn to have the book first! Whooohoo!

Now, back to your knitting!


Janet said...

I must confess....I've never read a Dean Koontz book!! I just always thought they would be gory and gross and I can't do that sort of thing anymore. Guess it's old age creeping in!

LaBean said...

Oh wow! You too!? I LOVED Dean Koontz growing up. I remember my first book was Watchers, with the Supersmart dog? I must get my hands on a copy of that again. I've read most of his books twice already. I just finished Forever Odd and will soon obtain Brother Odd. I kinda of boycotted DK after Odd Thomas because Stormy got killed off. I was accustomed by then, to having been tricked into thinking a character was still alive, but this threw me for a loop. I was offended and felt let down. But I got over that real quick! Forever Odd took me there and I'm ready to go back again!

*Hauls tail over to discount book house!*