Sunday, January 13, 2008

Absent blogger

I suppose a better description is - blogger didn't have anything interesting to blog about! Boring life here. No one really wants to know how many loads of laundry, how many trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, how many bills, etc. You don't, do you? If so - get a life!

I have been knitting but since it's for publication, I can't show you. And I have been beading, but I hope it's for publication too. So what can I blog about?

How about what this little beaded rose...

...that I posted here in December but couldn't tell you about until after Christmas (it was a present!)

It's a beaded pen cover for disposable pens.

A good friend of mine loves to have flower(s) on her desk. She normally cuts one from her flower beds (which are lovely). And as she loves roses. I was inspired!

The cover is removable when a change of pen is needed.

I'm pleased that I was able to surprise and delight her this Christmas.

BTW, she developed a passion for loom knitting last year...and I'm to blame (evil laugh!)


Janet said...

I think you and I must lead just about the same kind of exciting lives! I think I talk to the cats more than I talk to people!!

That pen cover is a fantastic idea, and the rose is beautiful. I'm sure your friend will treasure that gift....and use it.

Sue said...

I like the idea of beading something that isn't jewelry. Is there a pattern? Are you doing a class?

Donna said...

Pretty! Good idea.

Helen said...

Very imaginative and beautiful to look at!