Saturday, February 02, 2008

Series of Unfortunate Events

This past week has been filled with a Series of Unfortunate Events that didn't include the Baudelaire orphans nor Count Olaf...but enough trials and tribulations to keep us wondering "why me?"

No worries....I won't bore you with the entire pitiful list. However....

Somewhere out there amidst the snow and ice of the last weekend in January is the transformer that blew...causing loss of power...and thus, no internet (among other conveniences). The folks at Southern California Edison couldn't get to it to repair until middle of last week.

I'm now back on-line but haven't read through all my email yet. If you emailed me, please hold on....I will respond.

You never realize how much you depend on your internet connection for things like reading the news, checking weather, communicating with family and friends...until it's not there. We live so far out from the city that jumping in the car to use public library's connection is a major effort (assuming that the car is in the garage instead of at the mechanics....again....oops, I didn't plan to mention that).

Holding cell phone while driving becomes illegal in the state of California later this year (yay!). While I don't use my cell phone in the car daily, there are times when I find it handy. And so, I have to upgrade my cell phone to a model that's blue tooth I have an older model (a "brick" as one of my young students calls it).

What did I choose?

The Smartphone from Verizon. Now I can easily check email whenever I'm near a WiFi connection - library, restaurant, coffee shop, school.

Through all of the Series of Unfortunate Events, I tried to keep my perspective. But the worse of it all was the loss of a dear friend and neighbor. Today was the memorial service.

RIP Chuck. We miss your wonderful sense of humor. And we'll keep an eye on Nancy for you.


Gloria said...

January really wasn't a good month for you (except for the booklet!) The cell looks complicated. You have to show it to me next class (when is class?)

~Robin~ said...

Oh, Kathy...when it rains it pours. That is the only thing that comes to mind to me right now. But hey! After all the pouring on me and my family (more like flooding for the past two years) things are finally looking up for us. :D So the sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sunshine! (Sorry for the 'Annie' moment. :D)
If it helps any, I purchased your book from DA Looms last weekend! :D Can't wait to see what kinds of cool stuff is in there! (((((HUGS)))))