Friday, April 10, 2009

Midwest City/Choctaw wildfire

I thought I had left wildfires behind after moving from California to Oklahoma. Nope. Yesterday afternoon brought another evacuation from our home and a night of wondering if we would have a home to come back to.

The high winds blew this fire through Midwest City and Choctaw so quickly that it was an huge effort just to get people out before the flames took over. My heartfelt thank you to the Emergency Crews who drove through this area with their bullhorns, and knocked on doors to get everyone out. Seriously, it was close. I saw flames in yards at the entrance/exit to our little community as I drove our RV out with daughter and dogs safely inside (husband was at work).

We were allowed back in this morning. Thankfully our home is safe but we are surrounded by devastation. Many homes in our little rural neighborhood have burned - nothing left. Almost all of the remaining have damage to the house, the outbuildings and/or lawns. We have some damage to our detached workshop and the pool equipment, lawn, and storage building. The lawn burned up to 5 feet from the house. It was that close.

The woods surrounding us have burned including damage to this water tower.
Our Guardian Angel(s) must have been hard at work looking out for us.

I have many emails from friends and I will answer each one after I've recovered from the shock. This one was a little too close. But I did want to let everyone know we are fine and are not homeless.


Janet said...

OMG!!! I haven't had the tv on today and didn't know anything about this. Thank goodness you're all ok and your house was spared. Is it unusual for there to be wildfires where you are? I never think about them happening there. And was this caused by Mother Nature or was it arson? How sad. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

So glad you and family (and house) are OK. I was a little concerned when you didn't answer my email. I am thinking of you. Email when you are able. Donna

Anonymous said...

Good to know you were one of the lucky ones. Talk to you soon. J

Sorka said...

EEK Glad you are ok!

Monica said...

So glad you and your family survived this. It must be so scary to deal with. I wouldn't have imagined this happening out there. Is it really dry? I thought it'd be all mushy after Winter changed to Spring....

Five feet from your must be blessed.