Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Books for summer

...after I finish a re-read of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

so that I can fill in the blanks of what is edited out of the movie in July. ;)

Dean Koontz's Relentless
DH and my favorite author

Beth Hensperger's Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook
Looking for the perfect sour dough bread starter/recipe

I think the knitting book for the summer will be Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up

although that is subject to change on a whim. :)

How about you?

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Janet said...

Oh, that bread machine cookbook looks interesting. I used to use my bread machine all the time but haven't done any for quite awhile. Maybe I'll dust it off and get busy.

Would you believe it's barely been getting to 70º around here?!! A couple of days ago it was 60º for the high!