Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outta here

Since my ankle healed last March, I've told my Mother we would visit her in Texas . It hasn't happened because...
  1. car at mechanics
  2. wildfire and subsequent repairs to property
  3. car at mechanics again
  4. flooding in living room
  5. Mother-In-Law medical problems (came to live with us, in hospital, back with us)
  6. designing for a new book
  7. car repairs AGAIN (have new car now)
Everything is taken care of (MIL is visiting her sister for a week) and we're outta here tomorrow. What a nice birthday present to myself!

CYA later!


Janet said...

Have fun, relax, and have a great birthday!!

Beth said...

I am just came across your website as I was looking for a dog sweater pattern to knit on a loom. Glad to see you have a blog as I will stop in and visit. Please stop by my blog too. I live next door to my 80 year old Mom so I know how special it was for you to visit your Mom and what a great birthday present. Love the picture of you both. So Sweet! Thanks for the wonderful doggy sweater pattern. My Brat Terrier who has to wear sweaters in the winter, said Thanks too! Have a lovely saturday.