Sunday, October 25, 2009

Say hello to my little friend

*title is a quote from Scarface*

Too much weight gain the past year. Probably stress. Regardless of the reason, I must do something to get myself moving again!

Because of the ankle issue, I need low impact exercise. Recumbent exercise bike seemed to be the most convenient choice of low impact exercise. A little research brought this one to the top of the affordable heap. It has the card slot for iFit workout cards. But most importantly, my short legs will comfortably reach the petals (5'1" ya know!?) Plus I believe I'll be able to KNIT while exercising which is a plus.

It's a done deal. Now I just need to stay motivated and away from the chocolate.

Knitting update - sample knit for Knit Picks finished and ready to ship tomorrow. Book re-knits 1/3 done.


Isela said...

Glad you found one that worked for you better. Which brand is this one? Like I said in my email, the Schwinn I had was okay but the design has been out. I wish I had not sold it.

Enjoy your new exercise bike. You will be able to knit while using but you will need a fan directed to your hands if not the sweat will make knitting a bear

Anonymous said...

We've been looking for something like that, too. I'd also like to know what brand/model you decided on. I trust your judgement.


Janet said...

HB and I are looking for a piece of exercise equipment we can both use. What brand is this? And did you buy it online?