Monday, November 09, 2009

The Native American in me...

....loves being close to nature. That's one reason why we love living outside of metropolitan areas. (I'm a descendant of Pawnee Tribe on my maternal Grandfather side).

In our little area, we see deer and hear hawks daily. Today I snapped a photo of a hawk in the woods out the backyard area.

I *believe* he's a red tailed hawk. Beautiful and majestic.

We pay homage to the Native American background in our art work also. A lithograph of Frank McCarthy's "Big Medicine" is one in our collection.

About 4 years ago, I read about buffalo yarn and knew I wanted to give it a try. It's not an easily found yarn, nor is the price conducive to stashing it away. So when Buffalo Gold had a call for test knitters, I jumped at it. Yeah, I know....I am my worse enemy when it comes to taking on too much. But I really wanted to knit with this yarn (probably the ancestry thing again). Here it is before winding into a ball.

It's worth every penny if you can get your hands on it. I never imagined that bison (buffalo) hair could be turned into this soft yarn.

And speaking of Native Americans...I had a reality check yesterday. Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away. While I'm happy to see 2009 coming to a close (it's been a tough year), I'm amazed at how fast it's leaving!

Back to finishing up the Leisure Arts publication I'm doing. Both it and the test knit should be finished this week. Then I need to think about holidays. How 'bout you?


lunaticraft said...

Bison yarn?! There's another thing for my list of things to try. =D

Janet said...

Great shot of the hawk. I was always fascinated by Native Americans when I was a kid....still am. I think we should have paid more attention to what they knew and learned from them instead of trying to make them learn our ways.

My son told me about a woman he knows who makes hand spun yarn using yak hair/fur. He said it's the softest thing he's ever touched! It might be close to the buffalo yarn.