Monday, February 01, 2010

I cannot contain myself any longer.....

Lost! Tomorrow night!!

I gave in to the internal pressure (yes, my own) to watch previews at the ABC link. The little box on the right side of the screen has several teasers including one (about) 2 minute segment from the premiere episode. I had to watch it since I became impatient for Feb 2nd as soon as the episode appeared on the TiVo recording schedule.


Finished DH's gloves in mid-January.

Currently trying to finish this loom knit for LKC.
I should have had it done in December but ran into some extra work on the Leisure Arts publication...and then took a break from loom knitting during the holidays.

Shipwreck shawl is still in the works, and I'm getting anxious to get it done. I want to start this sweater pattern which somehow escaped my radar. It's much more appealing to me then the slinky ribs pattern for the cotlin yarn. I seem to be having a fling with lace. ;)

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Janet said...

I am sooooo excited! And it's going to start at 8PM and run 'til 11Pm (out here)....the whole evening!! I'm going to be glued to the TV and no one better call while I'm watching! I already told HB that if he wants to watch something else he has to go to the bedroom! Poor guy!!