Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knitting software recommendation

I'm in love. Truly in love....with Intwined Pattern Studio software (think kniting charts).

I've looked at chart producing software for awhile but wouldn't commit my money because there was always something it couldn't do that I needed it to do. The most recent issue was over combining color and stitch - not one or the other. Intwined does that.

In the past I've used Excel for creating charts. Most recently a chart showing complicated color changes. It was a long and arduous use of Excel's drawing tools. Intwined has simplified that for me by allowing user to create new stitches fairly easily for use in charts.

Oh...and it creates text as you create the chart so that the basic knitting instructions are written by the time you've completed the chart. What's not to love?

Goodbye using Excel to make charts! Hello more time to knit!

I have no affiliation with the company that produces this software. Just a very happy user. :D

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Isela said...

that looks cool and the price seems quite reasonable too. I already have the KnitFoundry one if not I would definitely consider this one