Thursday, May 25, 2006

Making lemonade when life hands you lemons

In addition to teaching and designing, I craft for a cause. Today I mailed a package out for the children and parents of the UC Davis Pediatric Cancer Infusion center in Sacramento CA. While standing in the post office line, I started thinking about the issues my family has had to deal with in the past two months, and I realized that this was nothing compared to the battle these children and their families deal with on a daily basis.

The rest of the day was spent thinking of each crisis, and finding the bright side of each....also known as "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Here goes -

The end of March, my 83 yo mother fell when she forgot to take her walker with her to check her mail box (across a busy road). She fell in the road. I'm thankful a passing car didn't hit her, that she didn't break a hip, and for the person that stopped her car to help her up. This fall may be attributed to a minor stroke, along with the decline in memory she's having. I'm thankful that she remembers who I am after I gently remind her.

My husband had a biopsy the first part of April. I'm thankful it wasn't malignant and the surgery was minor. Our 24th wedding anniversary was May 6th - the celebration was extra special.

Also in April, during a routine septic cleaning, it was found that our septic system (the entire thing) was failing and has to be replaced. I'm thankful the current one hasn't failed completely, that the "perk" test passed the second go-round, and the plans are now at the county awaiting approval. Pssssssst....I'd be over-the-moon thankful if the plans would get approved quickly so that construction could start.

By end of April, my blood pressure was consistently high. Since my cholesterol level is high too, doctor started me on medication. I'm thankful that the doctor is open to natural methods and the medication she prescribed is a natural - just wish the medical insurance would see it that way and cover it. Ahhh...well.

First part of May, hubby's car needed a new clutch - a minor issue that cost major dollars. I'm thankful the car is paid for.

Day after car is fixed, our family dog passed away. I'm thankful for the many loving years with him, and the vivid memory of him and hubby chasing sea gulls on the beach.

The weekend after, hubby's 83 yo mother fell and broke her wrist. The doctor says it will heal - I'm extremely thankful for that - it could have been so much worse.

New motto - a day without a new catastrophe is a great day!

Pictures of what I sent in the package....



Treasure bags with little games


Janet said...

It's always a good thing when you can look on the bright side of any seem to be doing just that very thing. Sorry to hear of all the bad things happening right now....just hug your loved ones a little tighter and enjoy each new day for all it brings. I'm thinking of you.

Janet said...

Oops....I forgot to add....LOVE your afghan! Also the scarves and little bags. And I'm sure the items will brighten someone's day.