Monday, July 24, 2006

I wasn't expecting that water!

This year’s vacation has been dubbed the “I wasn’t expecting that water” vacation.

In keeping with the bad luck we’ve had this year, our RV had a few issues. The first night out, we got cold water when we were expecting hot – water heater wasn’t working. A few days later, we got warm bottled water when we were expecting cold – the fridge went out. A couple of weeks later, we got water from the radiator when we weren’t expecting water at all – a hole in the radiator. Ah, well. Whoever says you can’t take it with you obviously wasn’t talking about bad luck.

Everything was repaired as we went along but it did require us to be flexible in our trip plans. And even with spending so much time in repair facilities, we managed to have a good time!

Some of the highlights from the past month –

Daughter has 18th birthday! She’s such a wonderful young lady and I’m so very proud of her. I can’t believe this is the same little baby who weighed 1 pound 5 ounces when she was born (micro preemie). Even with the disabilities she deals with, she’s a happy and loving person.

Getting there is always half the fun for us. This was the first RV trip for the newest members of our family. Bogart and Cagney’s big adventure!

We got to spend some time in our favorite national park - Glacier National Park in Montana.

This year, we leased a 4-wheel drive so that we could explore the Polebridge area. If you make it to the Polebridge Mercantile, try the cookies!

In the north west section of Glacer is Kintla Lake. Our PT Cruiser couldn't have made it through the dirt roads to get here. What a view! And it was cool enough to need long sleeves in July!

What’s a vacation without a notable eating establishment? My hubby had read that the Hot Rod Café in Post Falls, Idaho has the best hamburgers anywhere. Well folks, I agree! I normally do not complement restaurants on meat type entrees as I don’t really enjoy the taste of meat...however these burgers are fantastic!

I had hoped to find yarn shops along the way during this trip. But when I had an opportunity to shop – there either wasn’t one or they weren’t open (darn it!) However, there’s always a book store open somewhere and I find this little gem of a book.

When I had seen this book in the public library, I’d skipped over it. What a mistake! It’s wonderfully written (Ms. Zimmermann had a marvelous style of writing) as well as informative. This is a must read for the dedicated needle knitter!

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Janet said...

Yikes, I'm late reading this but what a trip!! I sure wish I was by that lake needing a sweater about now!