Friday, December 15, 2006

My finishing tips

I haven't been very good about posting recently. I'll blame it on the upcoming holidays and this envelope...

...which is blurred on purpose. Surfice it to say - I'm swamped!

I haven't blogged about all the knitting I've been doing recently (loom mostly). So today, I will....well, actually about the finishing part of knitting.

I have a few "rules" that I try to follow since sewing in any form intimidates me.

1. Cutting a long piece of yarn for seaming is not necessarily the best. As you're sewing the pieces together, the yarn can fray and tangle if it's too long.
2. Refer to a good reference on which finishing technique to use for different edge types. I like this one which I blogged about here.
3. It's OK to seam in stages. You don't have to wait until absolutely every piece is knitted.
4. Do not hurry through the sewing process. As soon as you start feeling impatient with it, go knit awhile and come back later!
5. Never do seaming late at night when you're tired. Murphy's Law is that it will be a botched seam and need a re-do!

1 comment:

Janet said...

If (and I stress that if!) I ever make something that needs a seam I'll try to remember your advice but at the moment I'm still doing simple stuff! I'm finishing the scarf for the veteran's charity this weekend and then starting the one for the Red Scarf project next week.

That envelope isn't too intimidating, is it?! Go on. You can do it. Just jump in and don't look back!