Thursday, March 15, 2007


I always mean to blog more often but there are times when I'm busy with exciting stuff like doing laundry, dirty dishes real life stuff which really isn't fun to write or read about. I've also been busy with counting...

...stitches and rows for this test knit I'm working on.

...cholestrol in the dishes I'm making since my cholestrol count is up again. I found the recipe for this crab and pasta salad that is low cholestrol.

It tastes great!

...the amount of money I spent on yarn recently. The local Hancock Fabrics is closing and has marked yarn down so much that I finally talked myself into Lion Brand's cashmere blend.

...the number of projects I have going and patterns I need to write. Hopefully April will be the magic month for finishing touches on these!

....and I'm counting the number of days I have left before the article I'm writing will be due. Stay tuned for that!

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