Thursday, March 08, 2007

Polymer clay

How many artistic outlets do you have? More then you have time for, right? Yeah, me too. I knit (needles and loom), crochet, weave with beads, and dabble with polymer clay. This post is all about claying.

I cannot do canes with polymer. When the clay was first on the market, I tried. I would get the cane put together and then start the process to reduce it....but obviously do not have the right touch as it became distorted. That has always frustrated me as polymer was meant for people to make canes with. Or so I thought.

Recently a friend sent me to this site. Wow. I can use it just to sculpt? Like this guy....

And that's OK!?!?! (happy dance!) I'm not a failure!

So I ordered Christi's books and they arrived arrived this past weekend.

This lady is so talented. I have clay and the tools. Now all I need is more time. Got any to spare?


Janet said...

I have tried to work with polymer clay, too but I haven't done much with it. I made a few beads and small items many years ago. I have a dedicated toaster oven, a pasta machine, and some molds but I haven't used any of them for a long time. Maybe I'll drag them out, dust them off, and give it another try.....yeah, in my spare time!!

westie-mom said...

I love koalas and yours is so cute I may have to try making one. I too am not too good with caneing but I did do one that turned out and was a ladybug. I wasn't sure what to do with it when I finished so I made some beads and then I made a new handle for to tool in loom knitting. I too am a multi crafter who also dabbled in beadwork, and even wood crafts.