Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I had you in my life so briefly (only 7 years). I treasure the few memories of you that I have.

I remember you taking me shopping for my birthday. You bought a little princess dress-up table for me. I had it for most of my childhood and thought of you each time I looked into that little mirror.

I remember Sunday afternoon drives with you and Mom. We would take cans of vienna sausages and crackers for a picnic. And one time, you let me sit in your lap and "drive" even when Mom was very vocal with her concerns about it.

I remember you sitting at my bedside and playing the vinyl record of Jim Reeves singing "We Thank Thee." You sang along but I can't remember your voice. Whenever I hear a Jim Reeves song, I think of you.

I remember the time that my sister Doris took the garbage out after dinner, and came running back into the house swearing a panther was in a tree in the back yard. You went to check and found nothing. And while I don't remember the sound of your voice, I do remember your laughing face as you teased her about it.

And I remember running to you from the house while you kneeled on the ground next to the car with open arms.

The last memory I have of you is saying good bye at the hospital the day you died. I wished I had told you then how much I love you and would miss knowing you as I grew up. But 7 years old was too young to fully understand the importance of saying good bye.

I wish I could remember your singing voice or guitar playing. I know you were a very talented muscian and played with Jim Reeves.

I wish I could remember hearing you say "I love you" and the feel of your arms around me.

And since I don't remember ever saying "Happy Father's Day" and thank you for my life, I want to say it hopes that there is some kind of magic that will send this wish and my love across the barrier between life and the spirit world.

Daddy, I love you,

Kathy, your baby girl

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Janet said...

I have tears in my eyes after reading this. I'm sure he knew you loved him, and I believe your message got through too.

He looks like a wonderful man. It's so sad that you only had him for such a short time.