Thursday, August 09, 2007

New loom knit patterns and techniques

I know I haven't updated my website in...well, months. Last real update was right after the boxes were shipped to publisher (no firm date as to when pattern book will be sold in stores). And it looks like it will still be another few weeks before I finish getting new patterns together for the site.

In the meanwhile, here's a peek of new patterns that will be available.

If you missed the Pinwheel Purse (below) class last March, you can catch it again later this month at Michael's in Lancaster.

New technique: I spent last spring experimenting with loom knitting and stumbled upon came up with a new technique that allows you to change the gauge of a loom. For example you can use 1 strand of worsted weight on a large gauge loom where you have had to use two strands to get a tight knit.

However, since this technique is a little slower and more complicated then the typical e-wrap or true knit, I haven't been in a hurry to get the tutorial together. Plus there are great knitting looms available in a variety of gauges. But if anyone is interested or can think of a need for it, I'll put the tutorial on my "to-do" list, along with the website update.

Let me know. Seriously, if I don't hear from anyone, I'll just shelve the technique for now 'cause I have a long list as it is!


Janet said...

LOVE that pinwheel purse!! You are just always coming up with new ideas. Your mind must never sleep!!

Donna said...

I missed the first class on the pinwheel but have signed up for it this month. Maybe you could show me a little of the new technique after class?

Jessica said...

Looking forward to the pinwheel purse pattern!

Echo M said...

I would love to know how to change up the gauge. Also, I am going to link your blog to my read list. if that is okay.