Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Camping and hubby's hobby

Tomorrow, we're heading out on a camping trip. We'll be gone for a little over a week without access to the internet....so this is my last blog entry until we are home.

I'm taking a book and have plans to enjoy the cool breeze at Lake Tahoe (a welcome relief after the heat wave in Southern California). Of course, I'm taking knitting too.

And I'm not the only one in our household with an obsession a hobby. Hubby takes his metal detector out once or twice a week. Typically he find things like wheat pennies or junk jewelry.

It's a little like treasure hunting. One of his best finds is now on the website of the manufacturer of his detector - here He is really proud of this find. I agree....it's a beautiful ring.


Janet said...

Lucky you!! Have fun in Tahoe and send back some cool air!

Love that find!! Maybe I'll have to get my hubby one of those metal detectors!

Sorka said...

oooh man. We just got back from Tahoe!! Are you camping at Richardsons?? It is lovely!! Enjoy!!