Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a week it was!

This past week was filled with trials and tribulations. One problem was lack of internet for half of the week which is why I haven't blogged recently. Then once it was "up and running," I still could not access email. Today it appears the WiFi provider has solved their problem(s) completely and I can access my email account(s) again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it holds.

Things I heard myself saying this past week:

"No, I am not entered into a 'who can stash away the wildest sock yarn' contest. This is your daughter's taste!"

"Well, we must have enjoyed the camping trip. Look at all the dirty laundry we came back with."

"Her hands are red and itchy? The gloves were latex???? She's allergic to latex...I'll stop and pick up cortisone cream. She'll need latex free gloves for the volunteer work. Should I pick those up also?"

"I have how many students in Thursday's class?"

"Enjoy the fact that I cooked dinner tonight. It might be the last time until the weekend with this week's schedule."

"Are you able to connect to the internet?"

"uhhhh....whatz with the water pouring out from underneath the car?"

"A replacement for the cracked radiator costs how much!?!??"

"I need a ride home."

"I really need to fold the last three loads of laundry....and put the load just washed into the dryer....and start another load....How about peanut butter sandwiches for dinner?"

"Ouch...Darn that hurt!!! And now the finger is turning purple! sigh"

"Calgon! Take me away!"

"I might be a little late this morning. I'm dependent on Dial-A-Ride for a couple of days."

"The WiFi is down again!!!???"

"Honey, I need your car tonight....the class is too full to cancel it."

"Look, only about 4 loads to go!!!"

"Oh goody...the yarn order is here."

"@$% &%! I really need to check e-mail."

"Really? The parts finally came in? I can pick up the car tomorrow morning?"

"Can dogs be taught to wipe their feet?"

"I really need a vacation to recover from the aftermath of the last vacation."

"I want credit on my bill for the time your internet service was down."

"Pizza sounds great to me considering I haven't been able to run errands - including the grocery store - since I have NO CAR!"

Saturday morning:
"Finally! WiFi is up!!"

"Laundry is finished!"

"I'll pick up a few things at the grocery store on my way home from the mechanic."

"I love my car."

"Surely next week will be better."


Hootin'Anni said...

OMG ---what a week indeed. You can always find an internet cafe to check emails from their computers tho. And my idea of a "Happy Meal" is one I don't have to cook...the pizza DOES sound scrumptious.

Kathy N said...

Hi ya, Anni ;-)

Yeah, there are a couple of internet cafe/coffee places locally plus the library would have worked too...but without my car, it was a chore to do anything outside the house.

Everything seems to be working normally today though. I'm hoping I won't be drinking coffee this coming week just to read email. ;-)


Janet said...

OMG!! You really did have a week! Any one of those things would have been bad enough but when they all come at once then it's crazy!