Monday, August 11, 2008

We have an accord.... Captain Jack Sparrow would say. If all goes as planned, we should close on this house... later then August 29th. See the RV barn in the picture (next to the garage)? It was what sold us on the house. We need a place to park our motor home. Of course, the fact that it has a pool...
...won't hurt. It would appear our quest for the right property is at an end, and we can begin to make our home in Oklahoma.

Now, where's the nearest yarn shop? ;-)


Sorka said...

OH! A Whole RV garage for me? You shouldn't have.. it's definitely an upgrade from the green house!
I asked my son if we should go out there and snag the house before you got it. He said no.. we should buy the one with the indoor pool (near here) hehe
And what are you thinking.. you need to check out how close the yarn shop is BEFORE you close, that could be a deal breaker!

Janet said...

I thought the yarn shop location was part of the search!! Yikes, what if it's too far away? You could be in serious trouble!!

Monica said...

The house is Grand! You're so blessed!