Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to Oklahoma

Did you notice I've been away? A little over two weeks ago, a thunderstorm moved through Oklahoma City. What a welcome to Oklahoma show it was! I had forgotten what real thunderstorms were like.

One of the lightening strikes was close enough to shake the motor home and it took out some piece of equipment that downed the RV park's wifi. So for two weeks we've been without internet connection except when I could find a wifi hot spot (not as easy here as it was in Southern California).

We close on the house today and move in next week after household goods are delivered.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day!


Robin McCoy said...

The house looks really nice, Kathy! Can't wait to see the inside. :D Sorry about the thunderstorm that knocked out the wi-fi, though. That really sucks! Did you know that you don't live that far away from Cliff (the creator of the Kiss Looms) now? Just thought I would drop you that tidbit of info. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Janet said...

I've been so busy over the long weekend and am just now trying to catch up on the blogs. I hope your move-in goes smoothly. I'll send you an email soon.