Friday, July 18, 2008

Knitting content

I found the camera! It was hiding out where I couldn't find it - right beside the computer. Sneaky!

Last week I blogged about inspiration, swatching, designing a new project. This is the progress as of a week ago...

A week later...

Some progress is better then none, eh?

Do you remember my post about buying yarn for the move? Well, I finally got my hands on the box earlier this week. The post office evidently decided to hold my box from Knit Picks hostage until I rescued it. They didn't bother to send a ransom note though. I had to call to find it. Makes me wonder if someone at the local station knits and knows just what goodies a Knit Picks box can hold.

Only a 4 days left before packers and movers arrive. Oh joy! Three fun filled days of watching our possessions being disassembled, wrapped, boxed, and carted away.

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