Sunday, September 07, 2008

Making a new home, the beginning

No pictures yet. The cable to hook the digital camera to the computer is in one of about 400 boxes in the garage. However, we are managing to settle into our new home.

Movers delivered household goods on Thursday. We've managed to place the big furniture items, put beds together, and get the WiFi installed (my husband's priority).

Issues (aka "pains in behind") were abundant on Friday and Saturday. Can't find a waterbed heater and had to buy a new one. Dryer was busted and had to buy a new one. Loveseat has a huge oil stain and a broken leg. I shudder to think of what awaits me in the approximately 400 boxes...broken china? dang

On today's agenda? Must buy food. I have to find a grocery store other then Super Walmart. I hate buying food there...ugh. And hopefully get the kitchen in some working order.

Knitting? What knitting?


Janet said...

Whenever I've moved it's a mixture of excitement and frustration! I love seeing my furniture and belongings in a new place but things never go smoothly....and it's so much WORK!!

I hope you found a good grocery store close by, and that nothing else is broken or damaged. And don't forget to rest and take care of yourself!!

Sorka said...

Dang.. I have a waterbed heater around here somewhere! ah well!
Hope you don't find too many more.. oopses!!