Monday, February 16, 2009

Knitting Daily

Since everything I've worked on this year (so far) has been for publication somewhere, I haven't been able to show pictures of what I'm knitting. So blogging has been about whatever I think of...sometimes having nothing to do with knitting. (What? You didn't notice?) Regardless, I am knitting daily.

And speaking of Knitting Daily, have you signed up for the Interweave newsletter yet? Yes, I'm speaking to loom knitters also. While the newsletter is about needle knitting, the techniques can apply to loom knits also. It will be done a little differently but with a little imagination you can apply the techniques to the loom. Most recently has been how to pick up stitches. Check it out.

Back to knitting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link. I had never heard of thrums before (I thought they had misspelled thumbs ha) Carol

DLayman said...

Wow they could have spelled Purl right heheh
oh well.
Whatcha workin on?? I've been on the sock job..