Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Stand Back, I'm Going to Sneeze"

One of my favorite books for children, use to read it to my daughter when she was little, and so appropriate for my household right now.

Family has been sneezing and wheezing for over a month. No one is sick at the same time but we do seem to be passing it around (like the game "hot potato").

Actually doctor says it's not a germ but the allergens in the area. Having lived in the high desert of Southern California for over 15 years, we're having to get use to new types of blooming plants here in Oklahoma. The cottonwood seems to be the main problem right now.

Whatever. We're sick and on medicines.

I wonder if knitted handkerchiefs are practical?


Janet said...

Oh, that can't be fun! I worry about moving away from here and what I'll have to get used to in some other part of the country.

I don't think knitted hankies would be too practical!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Hope you are feeling better! Pam