Sunday, May 17, 2009

Earthquakes in LA, rain here....

Thinking of all my friends in Los Angeles area. While this quake wasn't the big one, I know that even the little ones rattle the nerves. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Lately I've thought longingly of the sunshine in Southern California. We've had 3 weeks of rain almost everyday. I have missed seeing the sun. And I'm tired of the problems the constant rain is causing.
  • The fences that burned in April's wildfire cannot be repaired until ground dries.
  • This past Wednesday night was thunderstorms plus a couple of tornadoes. ABC interrupted LOST! so often that we really didn't get to see the finale. I love this show and this was a big problem in my opinion!! (Luckily it was shown without interruptions Saturday evening. Great episode!)
  • The ground was so saturated that the rain from Friday night's thunderstorm had no place to go - except up through the carpet in our sunken living room. Oh joy - a new disaster. But I did learn that there are companies that specialize in repairing water damage. Now my living room is full of huge fans and dehumidifiers, with carpet ripped up and a new carpet pad going in when everything is dry.
sigh...I don't think Oklahoma likes us.


Monica said...

Oklahoma is just testing your mettle. Spit back in its face and it'll respect you more. HA!

Is there a way to "seal" the sunken living room so the next deluge won't get into the carpet?

Hopefully Summer will be better....


Anonymous said...

We didn't feel it here. Sorry to hear about the flooding. Let's see...that leaves famine right? hahaha Hugs, Donna

Janet said...

No shakin' here and that's the way I like it!

OMG!! I thought the Lost season finale was beyond great! It was sooooooo good. My daughter and I are still talking about it! Now we have to wait nine long months until it's back.