Monday, May 04, 2009

Further attitude adjustment

Insurance and contractor woes seem to be taken care of (crossing fingers and toes) but no repairs can be started because it's been raining for a week!! lolololol <-----hysterical laughter


Further attitude adjustment needed.

I bought these needle keepers from a really nice person on Etsy to hold socks-in-progress while in knitting bag (great concept!)

and Louet Gems in this color

Looks a little like sunshine don't ya think?

This run of bad luck as got to stop before I go broke.

Socks anyone? :D


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link for the needle keepers.

Monica said...

That needle-keepers is ingenious!

It sounds like the worst of your contractor/insurance woes are past. The rain will heal the land, then the work can begin.

It'll all work out. Patience.


Janet said...

When all else fails I buy art your case it would be knitting supplies. Hopefully the rain will end soon and the sun will be shining, and all the repairs will be finished. And someone will have a few more pairs of socks!!