Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring cleaning...

...inside and out. That's what I've been up to. I have been immersed in dirt outside, and cleaning up the dirt inside. Never ending cycle haha

Since we moved less then 2 years ago, very little spring cleaning was needed except for the carpets. With 3 dogs, and family members who forget to wipe feet, the carpets suffer. Which is why having my very own rug doctor is so great.

Love the convenience of having one for when I have an extra hour or two for cleaning carpet in a room.


We finished the closet remodeling and unpacking of a few more boxes just in time for Spring-time temperatures. So we headed outside to play in the dirt. :)

Out the front door is a walkway that leads to a side patio. Flower bed between the walkway and the house was filled with bushes.

I knew I wanted that tall one out. It grew faster then we could trim it!

So out it came. Actually it was two that had grown into one great big one!

I really like the openness of the area without it. That was incentive enough for taking out the medium size bushes too (there were 3). And I dug out the water grass-type things on the other side of the walkway (excuse the finger that slipped into view as I took the picture)

This was 2 weekends worth of work, with one weekend of snow in between. And even though I've been working out, my muscles ached for days after. Moral - if you want to find muscles that were not getting exercised, try doing some landscape work.

Anyway, with the removal process completed, I started planting this past weekend. Flowers! I love green and all, but more bolder colors are found with blooming plants. I started with my beloved roses - red, pink, deep yellow and pale yellow to begin with. Daughter chose two lily-type plants that love sunshine. And I planted spring bulbs (fingers crossed on those).

I'm not sure how much more I'll do in the flower bed for now. We couldn't get that 2nd stump out with digging. Had to resort to chemical death for it. So I think I'll be content with that flower bed for now, and work on the container planting I want to do for that side patio.


In between the cleaning and planting, and all the day-to-day stuff, I've started a bead crochet project. Funny thing - starting a bead project has made me want to knit again. So I am. More later.


Monica Norman said...

Your property looks great! How much land did you get? Jealous.

Janet said...

I think I need some of your energy! Your walkway looks great now. The flowers are much better than those over-grown bushes and grasses.

April said...

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