Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday WIP and earthquakes

I am terrible at blogging! I immerse myself into projects or real life, and before I know it a week or two flies by without a thought to blogging.

Perhaps if I have a regular topic to blog about, I might be better (ya think?). So I thought I'd do a Wednesday WIP (work in progress). Hopefully a guaranteed topic will help me to blog weekly (at least!), and encourage people to visit and perhaps to comment.

This week's WIP is a bead crochet bracelet (most likely) . I have considered using it as a necklace/chain for an amulet bag. Time will tell.

I'm using size 11 green beads (favorite color and reminds me that Spring is here) that have a gold luster finish, which I've enhanced by using gold color thread. Sparkly!

It may be awhile before this one is finished. But it's such a treat to be beading again.

Bead crochet is one of my favorite crochet techniques. It combines two mediums that are near and dear to my heart. Plus I love bracelets - specifically bangles

I think the most difficult part of bead crochet is stringing the beads. There are two different methods I use for getting the beads onto the yarn.
  1. If the beads are loose, I use a bead spinner. You can make your own with these instructions.
  2. If the beads are in a hank (pre-strung), I use floss threader as a bead needle to take the beads from the string and onto the yarn/string I intend to crochet with.

    Floss threaders are inexpensive and easy to find (local drug store). They have a large "eye" so that any size yarn can fit in it. And the eye is collapsible so that almost any size bead will go over it, and onto the yarn.

A good learn-to-bead-crochet video can be found at Bead Wrangler's site (she also has great options for thread). There are also many books on the subject including my favorites from Judith Bertoglio-Giffin


Having lived in Southern California, I know about earthquakes. Experienced quite a few.

I was surprised to find that Oklahoma has them too. But in Oklahoma, I can hear them coming. Seriously. This morning, just before noon, we had a little one (only a 2.5). But I heard it a second or two before I felt it. Sounds a little like cattle stampede....then they wallop you! The epi-center is more shallow here then in California which makes the shaking felt more.


Monica Norman said...

Wow! Thanks for all the info on beading! I had no idea how a spinner works and the link you gave made it very clear. Science and art.

The dental floss threader is an excellent idea as well!

Thanks for the tips, Kathy. You're great!

Janet said...

Lots of great info here....thanks! And the green bracelet is really pretty and very Spring-like.

An earthquake!! That's something I wouldn't have thought of in Oklahoma.

Lupie said...

I have made many things with crochet beading and love the look and feel of the projects.
You inspire me to start again.