Saturday, May 08, 2010

Finished Friday on a Saturday

Late with Finished Friday but I have a good excuse...bronchitis. I spent yesterday at the doctor getting some good med's so I feel much better today. Yay for better living through chemicals! I know that sounds terrible but unless you suffer with allergy-induced asthma that leads to bronchitis please do not criticize. ;)

The finished knitting I want to point out is the drop-shoulder sweater I did for Loom Knitter's Circle. Using only knits and purls with a little decreasing to show off your girlish figure, it's a good first (or second) loom knit sweater. And it's knit with a luscious yarn from Knit Picks!
As it's almost summer, you have plenty of time to finish it before cooler weather. Enjoy! ;)


Janet said...

I love the sweater!!! Are you saying you did that on a loom? You are amazing!

Bronchitis is not a fun way to spend Mother's Day. I hope the meds do the trick and have you feeling better soon.

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Wonderful design! I absolutely love this sweater.

Audrey said...


Would it be possible to create this sweater on a long loom?

I have been searching for a sweater pattern like this using a long loom to create a man's sweater.

Are you able to help?