Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday WIP and tornadoes

After spending the past weekend with bronchitis, I am now rushing to finish this WIP. It's suppose to be published later this year in a Creative Knitting issue (happy dance)

Aother WIP I'm doing is for fun. Daughter has always been a Pokemon fan. I was delighted to find this blogger's site filled with wonderful crochet patterns of pokemon. So I started one for DD's June birthday (sssshhhhh!! Don't tell her!)

Wolfdreamer is truly an amazing artist with the hook.

And I'm knitting hanging dish towels for the RV. Not only do I need dish towels for the kitchen but I like the idea of being to secure them while the RV is in motion.

The last two WIP are part of my attempt to de-stash before the fall buying begins. That will be my 2 year anniversary from my self-imposed yarn diet. I am SO tired of this yarn diet. I see all this new stuff coming out and have to remind myself that I really do not need more yarn (of course, when did need have anything to do with it in the first place?)

Anyway, I am tired of talking myself out of the new yarns. As this fall is the 2 year anniversary of my self-imposed yarn diet, I plan to be happy that I have trimmed it down as far as I can by then. And I will allow myself to purchase yarn for specific projects. That's the stipulation - must have a project planned for the yarn I want to buy. I think that's fair. :)


Big hug to all the friends and family for worrying about us this past Monday as tornadoes swept through our town Choctaw, OK. We were in the storm cellar when the sirens went off , and luckily the tornadoes missed our neighborhood.

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Janet said...

Love that rosy yarn on the needles. And I think those hanging dish towels will brighten up the RV as well as being handy.

Very glad that the tornadoes missed you....and you got to see Lost without any problems! What did you think of it?