Friday, September 01, 2006

August loom projects

Wow, I can't believe it's already September. I suppose we need to start thinking of Christmas, yes?

Here's a little peak at some (not all) of the projects from August.

I did this bag early in August.

It's felted and ready for embellishment. And even though it's almost fall, I'm thinking spring and will be adding loom knitted, felted roses to the bag.

This rose is the first felted version of the pattern I worked on last January.

I wanted to try it in a different yarn so that it could be felted. And I knew it would shrink during felting process so I enlarged the rose. HA! Silly me! I forgot to consider the differences in the plies of the yarn so this rose is larger then I wanted for the bag. I also played around with different leaf patterns. This particular one works nicely but it's not really a rose leaf (picky, picky!). So I'm still working on felted version of the rose to get it just right for this bag (sounds like Goldie Locks). BTW, the color of the rose is actually a pale pink.

Earlier the year, I did this boa/scarf with a new stitch I had worked on.

I found a skein of the same yarn in my stash and did a matching hat.

The patterns for these will include the instructions for doing this stitch. I've actually gotten the patterns written (gasp!) but I still need to proof read. Hopefully I'll have them ready next week - unless inspiration gets in the way of paperwork....again.

I haven't named the patterns yet. The boa looks feathery - so that's one possibility. If you have an idea, let me know!

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Janet said...

Just a few of the projects, huh!! I couldn't show even one single item I've finished this past month!! My brain just doesn't work when it's set on broil! I'm going to do a little cooler weather dance in the hope that I have some influence with the cosmos.