Monday, September 18, 2006

Camping and bamboo yarn

We're home from our family outing to Fallen Leaf Lake. Camping is a family hobby for us and this trip is always relaxing and fun! We hiked, played games, and sat around the campfire in the evenings. No photos as the camera was forgotten - too bad 'cause it's a beautiful area!

Not a lot of knitting for me. I haven't developed the motor skills for hiking and knitting at the same time. And I'm sure yarn would get dirty trying to knit around a campfire!

However, I did run across a yarn shop called Wool Tree in Lake Tahoe area. I scored a couple of addi turbo needles for sock knitting and picked up some sock yarn. AND I discovered bamboo yarn - so soft!! OK, so it's actually been popular for a few months now. I guess I'm the last one to "hear" about it.

Anyway, I didn't buy it as I've promised that I will not buy unless I have a project for the yarn (huge sigh). But I did make a mental note to look at prices online...just in case (hehe). Now I'm finding there are more then one manufacturer of bamboo yarn. I found reviews for this one but I like the price better on this one.

Have you tried either of these? I'm hoping to come up with a project soon!!


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

The Bamboo by South West Trading Company is very, very good. I have test knitted for them and I loved their yarn.

Debby said...

Bamboo by SWTC has 250 yards versus 93 yards for the other brand. So the price may actually be better for the SWTC Bamboo. I have used it and really like to knit with it.