Friday, September 22, 2006

A week of changes

Such a week of changes!

People that know me well, know that my primary "job" is raising my daughter (she's an only child). Angela has physical and cognitive disabilities (she was born 16 weeks early and had a cranial hemorrhage at birth). In a nutshell, she's a bright, sensitive girl that needs help.

My "job," in addition to loving and nurturing her, has been to teach (homeschool) academics, do vision therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and life skills....more, obviously, but that gives you the idea. She has been with me everyday, all day, for years (except when I teach at Michaels).

Angela is now 18 years old (time flew!) And this past Tuesday, she started a pre-vocational/life skills training program. She's gone Monday through Friday for 5 hours. We're thrilled to see this fragile little flower blossoming into a young lady. Yet we're scared to death...she's out in the "cold, cruel world" now.

I know that this is what parenting is all about - helping our children to become independent adults. But, geesh! Letting them go takes some getting use to. I'm happy for her, scared for her, and wondering about her future (yep, that's typical parenting).

Thanks for listening. Here's some favorite photos...


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Hang in there Momma :). They sure grow fast--too fast.

Janet said...

It's very hard to let go but that is also the only way we get to learn and grow. She will be fine. She has had a loving, nurturing upbringing and that will stay with her no matter what.

The photos are adorable! She looks like a happy little girl who has turned into a happy young woman.

Katty_katwoman said...

She is absolutely lovely...and your love and gentleness, care and concern will be the things she will treasure for she has learned so much more than you will ever realize! God Bless you BOTH.