Friday, February 09, 2007

Beading for the day

I love *having* to bead for a class...what pain, what agony and they pay me for this!!!! HAHAHAHA

March beadweaving class will be on tubular peyote, making beaded pen cover - really simple!

Recipe for a beading type of day - delica seed beads, beading thread (Nymo for me) and a needle, hot tea, and a good movie.

Tonight....back to the boring part of paperwork.


Janet said...

I love Johnny Depp! Sorry but that's where my eye went first!!

The pen is pretty, too! When does this class begin? I've never actually learned how to do any of the stitches! I just sew things on.

Kathy N said...

Johnny Depp makes a fantastic Jack Sparrow!!

The beaded pen class is in March - email me for details! ;-D

Abby Franquemont said...

Vicious! I'm far more intrigued by those pen covers than I would have expected. I bet they're great for staring at...