Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blog gets a new look and Works in progress

Blog got a new look. If anything is missing, let me know!


I've been very busy with deadlines, classes, and laundry and have finished nothing! but never too busy for socks. Here is a picture of some of my "works in progress"....

A pair of slippers that need to be felted, a pair of magic stripes socks on circulars that are at the heel flap stage, and a toe-up sock on the sock loom I got for Christmas that is still in the toe stage (first project on this loom!) .

The Tofusies yarn arrived last week but I couldn't start socks with them yet (so of course, I bought more magic stripes)... Would you believe I cannot find my size 1 circular needles!? No idea where they went to. I finally gave up the search and have ordered two new Addi Turbo size 1 (which are in the mail to me now). Just what I need....another "work in progress" project hehe

I really wish I could find a honest, to goodness yarn shop within a 30 mile radius! Not a Michaels (yeah, yeah....I teach there but they do not carry Addi's nor sock yarn)....not a fabric store....but a REAL yarn shop. I have heard the rumour that there is one in Canyon Country, which is a short driving distance, but have not been able to find more info on exactly where it is. If anyone knows, please tell me.

P.S. Did you catch Lost last night?

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Janet said...

You are one busy gal! I share your wish for a REAL yarn shop along with my wish for a REAL art supply store! I can't help you on the Canyon Country one. I know there are some in Burbank but every time I'm down there to visit Molly I never have time to get to the stores.
Lost was great! I missed it so much while it was off. It's just such an addictive story line.

Like the new look!