Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life is a soap opera

I have been so wrapped up in the soap opera of hubby's job change (company required - not our choice) that I just couldn't concentrate on anything creative for awhile. But this past week, the desire to knit returned.

Instead of knitting complicated patterns I typically gravitate to (or design), I went simple. Dishcloths that I didn't design. Can't get much simpler then that!

I knitted round cloths....

...slip stitch cloths....

...and a star cloth.
Like any good soap opera, the storyline comes to an end. And while ours isn't over (we still have the actual move to get through), the major issues associated with the move were resolved this past week.

Exactly a week ago today, we received an offer on our house/acreage. We consider that a miracle in today's real estate market. It wasn't a fantastic offer, but very reasonable. We accepted it and escrow has begun.

Then last Thursday, hubby received an offer in writing for the position (with the same company) he wanted in Oklahoma City. It comes with a promotion and a raise. Plus we'll be closer to our family in North/East Texas. Not bad considering this change is all due to the retirement of the airplane he has worked on for so many years. there anyone who visits this blog that lives in Oklahoma City? Email me!


Sorka said...

Well it sounds like everything is working out! woOt!!

Anonymous said...

The star cloth is cute. Where did you find that pattern?

Glad the house sold. We'll miss you.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Dear Knitting Muse
Thankyou for your comment. I'm not much of a knitter, although I have made a couple of baby blankets (because I thought Grandmothers were compelled to!) I was drawn to your Autumn Foliage photo. Here, in Australia, we don't see russet trees much. Our bush is always green and rather a dull green at that. Having been brought up in England I miss the changing seasons. But the gum trees are fascinating in another way. There is a terrific variety of barks, all of them delicately patterned.
That's another idea for a poem.....

Brenda Bryant