Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ready for more...

....more yarn, more books, more knitting...

Knitting up a few dishcloths must have been just what I needed as a warm up to start bigger projects. I'm itching to knit a sweater. But this time the sweater won't be for a book or for a sample knit...I've decided I need to have special "ME" projects to work on. Not only will Oklahoma be colder then California (so says DH) but it's good therapy during the move (hehe good excuse for buying yarn.)

I saw this pattern in April's Simply Knitting

and just love it! It's a simple knit with basket weave type of pattern. And since the pattern calls for a bulky weight yarn, it's a quick knit. Perfect project for the days in July while the packers are boxing up household goods, while the movers are taking everything out, and for the days during the drive to Oklahoma City in the RV.

As any good knitter knows, you never have just the right yarn in just the right amount. I had to shop for yarn (oh the agony....not!). Off to Knit Picks website I went. And dropped some Wool of the Andes into my cart.

While shopping for the right yarn for this pattern, I saw Shimmer. Oh. My. Hand dyed baby alpaca and silk blend? I can't resist! Plus I really should have a special project for August house hunting, right? I see a lace shawl in my future. So I ordered two hanks.

Of course special yarn deserves special pattern, right? And since Knit Picks is having a book sale (40% off until August 8th), I ordered Wrapped In Comfort by Alison Jeppson Hyde.

Then I saw the great price on Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters and snagged a copy since it's on my wish list anyway (and I'm a sucker for a book sale).
This move is starting to look good to me. ;-)


Janet said...

I'm catching up with you and see that you're back in the swing of things....knitting again. I'm sure it will be colder in OK than here in CA so sweaters will come in handy. That's a beautiful pattern.

Miss 376 said...

This sounds so familiar! lol. It's all good therapy