Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oklahoma residents

Oklahoma residents...that's us. We arrived yesterday, and have settled into the Twin Fountains RV Park in Oklahoma City until we close on a new property.

Tomorrow we meet our real estate agent, and look at 3 properties we've found online. This one in Mustang, this one in Choctaw, and this one in Harrah. My personal favorite (DD loves it too) is the house in Harrah but the formal living room looks like it's a narrow room. I hope the picture is just a lousy shot of the room. Or that it's possible to make it work with creative furniture arrangement. DH favors the property in Mustang since the rooms are huge.

OTN: An adaptation of this dishcloth to make a larger kitchen towel.


Janet said...

I agree with you....I like the one in Harrah too. Is that a separate little studio? Looks awesome.

Good luck on the house hunt.

Sorka said...

Can I come live with you.. I don't care which house. they are all just BEAUTIFUL!! I can live in the little green house. I won't be trouble.. really..

Monica Norman said...

The countryside is gorgeous, no matter which home you choose!

I like them all. I can see why DH likes the Mustang property - it's very "manly" looking inside. I like it's open feeling, too.

The one in Harrah looks a bit claustrophobic - but that's just me. And as you get older, the two stories will be tough to navigate.
Other than that it's GORGEOUS! I think the narrow room photo may be squooshed. If you look at the windows in Image 7, then go to the back of the house in Image 21 - I believe those are the same windows, so the room looks to be maybe 10 feet in width (picturing my hubby lying down, you can fit 1-1/2 of him in that space - he's 6'2"). The house looks like a castle, and is less expensive than the rest.

I can't believe the prices and lot sizes! You'll feel like a royal family there!