Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fractured Fibular

That pop I heard when I stumbled (not very gracefully) last night was the crack of a bone. The extreme swelling, pain, and bruising was a good hint that I needed to see the doctor today. So I did. The left side of ankle is broken (fractured fibular). At least the "cast" is this boot thing that I can remove for showers.

And I can still knit.


Anonymous said...

Ouch. One of freakish accidents? D-

Isela said...

owie! I am so sorry, but I am grateful that it wasn't anything bigger. Get some rest my dear friend.


Lilly said...

aw! I hope you get better real soon! hugs and kisses and well wished!

guppygirl said...

Aw, big hugs and wishes for speedy healing.

(Good that you can still knit... I can't imagine 4+ weeks without yarn ;D)


Isobel said...

Oh, I feel your pain :(

Many years ago I stumbled in a hole at a camp site and sprained my ankle. I remember the pain and it still gives me reminders.

I'm just off to shower nad will be extra careful :)
I just got my AJAL 30 inch yesterday and if I don't go out soon I'll never put it down.

Happy looming and I hope that bone "knits" soon.
in warm for once Scotland

Robin McCoy said...

OMG, Kathy. That's awful. I've never broken a bone, but I don't want to either. I hope they got you some good pain meds and that you definitely use the excuse to knit more. LOL! OH! And make sure that you get spoiled come Christmas. I's not like you should be cooking dinner with your leg in that 'boot'! Hahaha!
(((HUGS))) and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I hope you get better, it was luck that you did not need an operation. I broke fibula and perone and needed twelve nails with three surgery encounters. But let me tell that one year after the accident nobody can tell I had it, as I walk and run as I need. Take care and my best wishes. I am sure it will be a benefit for us as you will have some more time to create your wonderful creations.

Maria in Mexico.

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Bummer, what a bad Christmas gift, Kathy! Broken bones are no fun. I split the bone in my upper right arm about 26 years ago arm-wrestling (sad, but true). I ended up having to sleep upright in a recliner for 2 months, so I had a lot of time to contemplate many things ;-) At least you can knit and now you'll have a little time to design. Hopefully, you'll be kicking high before too long!

cre8tivkj said...

Ouch! So sorry to here you busted your ankle! I broke my hip when I was a younger and lost 20 pounds carrying myself around on cruches for 6 months! Glad to here you knitting won't be affected :D


Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

I'm so, so sorry for you Kathy~ Broken bones are no fun at all! I'm sending wishes for speedy healing your way, K? Take it easy and take this opportunity to get LOTS of knitting done! ;)


jpirkle said...

Kathy, I sure hope you are not in to much pain. Rest up and knit up a storm. You have an excuse not to get around now.I hope your Holiday is wonderful. Take it easy for a while and let it heal.

Lisascraftroom said...

Oh No!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery! I know how those boots are very well after 3 ankle surgeries and 2 horse accidents where they got my right foot very well! They can be a pain but, a lot better then a cast! Guess you will get lots of looming in! So Sit lots in your comfy spot, foot up and iced with hot chocolate and your looms! Wishing you well!

Oh by the way I'm LOVING your new loom patterns! Perfect gift set for hubby! ( twist'n hat and scarf)