Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday lights spectacular last weekend

We drove through the holiday lights spectacular this past weekend (at night of course). Wow. It really is spectacular! It's at Joe B. Barnes Regional Park in Midwest City, OK (the soccer fields). If you are local, go. If you're not - enjoy the pictures I took with the cell phone. These are just some of the light displays that are there.

Santa in his sleigh over the world.

Two bears having a snowball fight (the light in the middle is the snowball moving).

Santa and his reindeer

A few displays here. The Christmas tree in the background is huge!
The display on the right is a chimney with Santa's feet dangling.

My favorite. The carousel ponies "move" up and down. Wonderful light illusion.

A bear standing on the shoulders of another bear (who is standing on Christmas presents) putting the star on the Christmas tree. The bears tilt inward toward the tree

Santa's candy cane factory. It was close to the road and so very bright!

Santa at his computer. Reading Christmas letters I suppose. ;)

The Nativity. Beautiful.

Truly amazing that these are done with frames, lights, and electronics. No real reindeer, bears, or santas were harmed in the making of the displays. hehe


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I'm in OKC and have been to see it. It's lovely. Betty