Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hiding in plain sight

A recent discussion on a Yahoo group about patterns from More Knitting Wheel Fashions made me realize that I'm not as active in groups as maybe I should be. For that I apologize. I'm not intentionally hiding. I just get so immersed in *real life* that I forget to read message boards.

I did try to stay on digest with these groups in the beginning. But there are two groups that generate so much daily email, I couldn't keep up. After a few days of not being able to read the digests, I decided it was pointless to keep trying. So I went to "read online only"; and then I forgot to visit the group. sigh

Anyway, that's my excuse. Good excuse or not, it's honest.

I do manage to check direct email (typically) daily. If you want or need to contact me, email me direct at kathy @ kathynorrisdesigns . com (just remove the spaces). I will respond. Really!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you are entitled to a life. Ok so I'm a little prejudice as you are a friend too.

I stopped joining yahoo group when the complainer's took over (gave up blogging too). Just remember that the people who are enjoying knitting from this booklet are too busy knitting to complain. The one's that are complaining are too busy complaining to try and learn to knit or read a pattern.

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Don't let it bother you. Really. Just show us the knitting!