Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 - Bring it on!

As I am an infrequent blogger, it shouldn't surprise anyone that my first post of the new year is 6 days into it. I won't make excuses.

2008 went out with a huge black cloud hovering over us. As ya'll (that's my Texan showing) know I broke my ankle the week before Christmas...which was the week before my MIL had eye surgery (3 days before Christmas).

As DH had promised we would be in Dallas to "help", we thought we would make it a family Christmas and enjoy time with my Mother too. But I still had to get the motor home ready for the trip - broken ankle or not. Thanks to DH and DD, I managed and off we went with high hopes that the ankle wouldn't ruin the trip for us. Stupid, eh? You would think that I would have acknowledged that this little mishap was "fate's" way of telling me to just stay home. But as we hadn't been able to spend a holiday with our elderly Mothers in many years, it seemed the right thing to do.

So I took pain pills and smiled in a medicated haze...
1. through MIL surgery
2. through the transmission problems of my car (repaired Christmas Eve)
3. through the freezing temperatures while the motor home furnace (thank goodness for sleeping bags)
4. through the ignition coil of the car going out...

All that from Dec 20 to Dec 27. Too much in a week even though the time spent with family was wonderful. We kissed the Mom's and came home before anything else happened.

After finally finding an ignition coil for my Cruiser, DH managed to put the new one in on Jan 2nd. It seemed to be fine...finally. Famous last words. It broke down again yesterday while DH was driving it to work. He has given up and left it at the mechanics all the while muttering "l.e.m.o.n."

Obviously the dark cloud hasn't left yet. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a new car would remove that dark cloud ?? Donna

Janet said...

Oh, no! I just thought you were resting and taking it easy with your ankle! All that's just too much to deal with when you're injured. I'm sending you some big hugs.